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Parliamentary Representatives of Aylesbury, 1554 to 1701

Reign of Mary
1554 Henricus Peckham, Esq. In the Crown Office list, the name of Peckham is crossed out, and that of Moseley substituted
Thomas Smith, gent.  
Humphridus Moseley vice, Henricus Peckham, returned for Wycombe.
Philip and Mary
1554 Willielmus Ryse, Esq.  
----- Name not legible.
1555 Willielmus Ryse, Esq.  
Antonius Restwold, Esq.  
1557-8 ----- Entry is lost.
1558-9 Arthur Porter, Esq.  
Thomas Crawley, gent.  
1562-3 Thomas Sackville, Esq.  
Thomas Coleshill, Esq.  
1571 Thomas Lichfield, Esq. This return does not appear in the official list.
Edward Dockwra, Esq.
1572 Thomas Lychefeld, Esq. They are described as elected by Dorothy, widow, of Sir Thomas Pakington, Knt., Lord of Aylesbury.
George Burden, Esq.
1584 Thomas Tasburgh, Esq. No names appear for this year in the official returns for Bucks.
John Smith, Esq.
1586 Thomas Tasburgh, Esq.  
Thomas Scott, Esq.  
1588-9 Thomas Pigott, jun., Esq.  
Henry Fleetwood, gent.  
1592-3 Sir Thomas West, Knt.  
John Lillye, Esq.  
1597 Thomas Tasburgh, gent.  
Thomas Smythe, gent.  
1601 John Lillye, Esq.  
Richard Moore, Esq.  
James I.
1603-4 Sir William Borlase, Knt.  
Sir William Smythe, Knt.  
1614 Sir John Dormer, Knight  
Samuel Backhouse, Esq. Samuel, of Swallowfield, Berkshire, sat for Windsor in 1604-11. He was the son of Nicholas Backhouse, Alderman of London, and Sheriff in 1576. He was admitted to Greys Inn in 1576, and his grandson became a baronet in 1660.
1620-1 Sir John Dormer, Knt.  
Henry Borlase, Esq.  
1623-4 Sir John Pakington, jun., Bart.  
Sir Thomas Crewe, Knt., Serjeant-at-Law He was Speaker at the House of Commons.
1624-5 Sir Robert Carr, Knt.  vice Sir John Pakington, Bart., deceased.
Charles I.
1625 Sir Robert Carr, Knt.  
Sir John Hare, Knt.  
1625-6 Clement Coke, Esq.  
Arthur Goodwyn, Esq.  
1627-8 Sir Edmund Verney, Knt.  
Clement Coke, Esq.  
1640 Sir John Pakington, Bart.  
Ralph Verney, Esq.  
1640 Thomas Fountaine, Esq.  vice Sir John Pakington, Bart., who had been elected for both Aylesbury and Worcestershire, and chose to serve for the latter place.
1640 Sir John Pakington, Bart. This was the 'Long Parliament', which was summoned to meet the 3rd November, 1640.
Ralph Verney, Esq.
1645 Thomas Scot, Esq. vice Sir John Pakington and Ralph Verney, Esq., expelled from the House for their loyalty.
Simon Mayne, Esq.
On the 4th July 1653, an assembly, nominated by Oliver Cromwell with a council of officers, was summoned at Westminster. It declared itself a Parliament, and resigned its powers to the Lord General on the 12th December, 1653. There are no representatives from Aylesbury to this Parliament, as the boroughs were not called upon to send any.
1654 Henry Phillips, Esq.  
1656 Thomas Scot The regicide.
Richard Cromwell's Parliament
1658-9 Sir James Whitelocke, Knt.  
Thomas Tyrrill, Esq.  
Charles II.
1660 Richard Ingoldsby, Esq. This does not appear in the official return of 1660.
Thomas Lee, Esq.
1661 Richard Ingoldsby, Esq.  
Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
1678-9 Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Knight of the Bath  
Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
1679 Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Knight of the Bath  
Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
1680-1 Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Knight of the Bath  
James II.
1685 Sir William Egerton, Knight of the Bath  
Richard Anderson, Esq.  
1688-9 Thomas Lee, Esq.  
Richard Beke, Esq.  
1689-90 Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
Thomas Lee, Esq.  
1691 Simon Mayne, Esq.  vice Sir Thomas Lee, Bart., deceased
William III.
Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
James Herbert, Esq.  
1698 Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
James Herbert, Esq.  
1698-9 Robert Dormer, Esq.  vice Sir Thomas Lee, Bart., unduly elected.
1700-1 Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
James Herbert, Esq.  
1701 Sir Thomas Lee, Bart.  
James Herbert, Esq.  

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