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Monumental Inscriptions in the Parish Church of St. James the Great, Bierton

In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following monumental inscriptions from the Parish Church at Bierton:

"On a mural tablet of veined marble on the south side, within the rails:

Here lyeth the Body of Frances Howse the wife of John Temple Howse Gent. who departed this life May ye 4th 1752 in the 53d year of her age.
Requiescat in Pace

Near the last described, is a mural monument with a recess, and kneeling therein, at a desk covered with a green carpet fringed, are a male and female in black gowns (the latter with a hood), and books open before them. Behind the man, four sons; behind the woman, three daughters, similarly habited, with large quilled ruffs. Above their heads, on a black marble;

Blessed are the dead that lie in the Lorde
                                                        Rev.14 & 14

below the effigies, in white marble, under the recess, are figures of six infants, in cradles with pillows under their heads, and a little coverlet over each: five with their heads towards the east, and one in the contrary position. On a black tablet below:

This monument was erected and sett up Anno Domini 1621 at the proper coste and charges of Cæcily Bosse widdowe, late wife of Mr Samuel Bosse of Byrton in the county of Bucks Gent. deceased; who died ye 21. of December Anno Domini 1616 & lyeth buried. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

He had by ye said Cæcily 9 sonnes and 4 daughters.

Under this place entombed here doth lye
his bodie subject to mortalitie
the Heaven his soule his corps ye earth
retayne, untill ye same our Saviour raise againe.

Arms: Arg. on a bend cotized S. four lioncels passant gardant crowned, impaling Arg. a lion passant S.

On each side, the respective impalements of the same coat.

Within the rails, on a lozenge:


On slabs:

Here lyeth ye Body of Mr William Hill, who departed this life June ye 18th 1723 aged 58 years.
Alice Hill the Daughter of Mr William Hill and Elizabeth his wife of this Parish who departed this life the 16th of May 1711, in ye 24th year of her age.

Dear friends lament for me no more
I am not lost but gone before
So as I am so must you be
Therefore prepare to follow me.

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs Elizabeth Hill ye wife of Mr William Hill & daughter of Mr. John Olife of Vuing who departed this life in ye 56th year of her age.

Here lieth ye Body of John Temple late of East-Marsh in ye Parish of Kimble, Gent. who departed this life ye 30th of September 1696: ætatis suæ 63.
Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen

Here also interred the Body of Anne his wife who died Relict of John Wadern of Soulden in Oxfordshire Esq. Feby ye 14, 1750 aged 82 years.

On another:

Here lieth the Body of Dame Frances Wintour widdow who departed this life the 24th of February 1695-6.
Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

Here also is interred the Body of Ann Tourner who departed this life June ye 9th 1735 in the 87th year of her age. She was the widow of John Tourner Gent. of Easbourn in ye county of Sussex who departed this life in 1713.

She was a true Mother of ye Orphans
A sincere Friend to the Poor
And an exemplary Pattern of all Virtues.
Requiescat in Pace.

Here lyeth the Body of John Howse Gent. of this Parish who departed this life ye 12th of Novr Anno Domini 1701. And at his left hand lieth the body of Mrs Martha Howse his wife who died the 21st of September Anno Domini 1701.
Let them rest in peace. Amen

Here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Coveate widow who departed this life Octr ye 28, 1738 aged 82 years.

On a slab in the pavement:

James Hoare died Jany 29, 1747 aged 45.

On oval tablets of marble affixed to the s.w. pillar under the tower:

Sacred to the memory of Jane, the wife of Timothy Shaw, Vicar of this parish. She died Nov. 15th 1782, aged 73.
He also, after a constant residence of more than 34 years, departed this life sept. 17th 1786, aged 72.
JANE, daughter of Timothy and Jane Shaw, died Dec. 27th 1785, aged 38.

In the pavement:

Jane Shaw, 1782. Jane Shaw, 1785. Tim. Shaw, 1786.

In the north transept:

Here lye the bodies of Samuel and Jane Gurney. Samuel departed this life June 30th 1713: Jane departed Feb. 24th 1687.

In the nave:

In memory of Robert Stratfold, late of Potsgrove, in the county of Bedford, son of Richard and Hannah Stratfold, late of Burcott, in this parish.
He died June 30th 1774, in the 64th year of his age.
Here lieth the body of Rachael, the wife of Mr Wm. Stratfold of Burcott, in this parish, who died Oct. the 29th 1754, aged 40 years.

On a small stone:

W. S. 1781.

On an oval mural tablet, on the south side:

Sacred to the memory of Anna, the wife of William Hughes, who died March 23rd 1793, aged 56.
Also of Anna, daughter of the above William and Anna Hughes, who died Nov. 21st 1765, in her infancy.
Also of the above William Hughes, who died Dec. 17th 1799, aged 75.
The Rev. WILLIAM HUGHES, A.M. Rector of Bradenham and Pitchcott, Co. Bucks, died 16 March 1832, aged 69. Also
FRANCES VERE, his wife, Feb. 4th 1837.

In the pavement:

A.H.    A.H.    W.H.

On a small mural tablet, near the west end:

Near this place lies William Minshull of Ailesbury, Bucks, Gent. He died March 15th 1741, aged 76.

In the pavement:


In memory of Henry Peter John Dagnall, Esq. late of his Majesty's Civil Service in the Island of Ceylon, who died 6th of October 1834, in the 51st year of his age.

William Allen, late of Hoxton, in the county of Middlesex, Gent. who died at Aylesbury on the 1st of June 1837, in the 64th year of his age."

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