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Vicars of the Parish Church of St. James the Great, Bierton

In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following vicars for Bierton:

1294 Robert de Thame - ordained by the Chapter of Lincoln
1321 Ricardus Capellanus - presented by the Dean of Lincoln
---- Adam de Bernton - died vicar 1326
1326 Richard de Whitchurch - on his death he was succeeeded by
1340 Richard de Steeple-Claydon - presented by the Chapter of Lincoln. Died the same year.
1340 William de Brantingham - died 1361 and was succeeded by
1361 Robert de Collingham - presented by the Chapter of Lincoln
---- William de Liddington - exchanged, 1370, for Kensington, Middlesex with
1370 Robert (or Gilbert) Rauline, or Rawbone - succeeded by
---- William Darnel - who exchanged for "Newenton juxta Higham Ferrers, co. Northampton" with
1374 Hugh atte Field - exchanged for St. Michael's Rectory at North Gate, Oxford with
1397 John Leckhampsted - who exchanged for the Vicarage of Wendover with
1406 John Wyting - who exchanged for the Rectory of Aswarby, Lincoln
1408 William Golding
---- William Wedon - who resigned in 1419
1419 Thomas Goldhope
---- Matthew Grey - died vicar 1468
1468 Richard Smyth, LL.B. on whose resignation
1487 William Catesby, A.M. - presented by the Sub-Dean and the Chapter of Lincoln. He resigned 1488
1488 Thomas Coke - died 1491
1491 Thomas Scott - died 1492
---- William Smith - died vicar 1508
1508 Thomas Jakeman, LL.B. - presented by Robert Brudenell and Robert Pigot, Lessees of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. On his death he was succeeded by
1544 John Magott - presented by Francis Ashfield, Esq.
1546 John Ewbank
1554 Robert Gregg - collated by John (White) Bishop of London
1561 John Purchas - presented by the Chapter of Lincoln - willed (8 April 1596) to be buried in Bierton Church
1596 David Evans
1623 Joseph Bind
1641 William Ascough
1650 Thomas Breanor - held this Vicarage along with the Rectory of Cublington
1662 Robert King, B.D. - presented by the Dean an Chapter of Lincoln. He was also the Rector of Padworth, Berkshire, but resided in Bierton. At his death he was succeeded by
1683 John Sambee, A.M. - He was also minister of Soulbury, and died and was buried there. He was succeeded by
1728 John Clayton, A.M.
1752 Timothy Shaw, A.B. - he also kept a very reputable school in the village for many years. In 1763 he was instituted to the Vicarage of St. Michael, St. Albans, but resigned in 1777. He died in 1768 having long been infirm, during which period he was helped in his clerical duties by his son George Shaw. On his death he was succeeded by
1786 William Oddie, A.B. - presented by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. He died at Bierton, aged 87, and was buried here 30 March 1825. He was succeeded by
1805 John Gordon, A.M. - presented by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. He was succeeded after about two years by
180- Thomas Smith, B.D. - presented by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. He was also in 1827, Rector of Withington, Derbyshire, in the same patronage. He died 3 June 1832 and was succeeded by
1834 William Hutchinson Apthorpe, A.M. - married 7 May 1840, Elisa Watts, eldest daughter of William Watts, Esq. of Hanslope Park.

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