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Rectors of the Parish Church of St. Mary, Bletchley

In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" lists the following rectors for Bletchley:

1196 Reginald
1213 Geraldus
1220 Walterus - presented by Roger de Cauz, Knt. Succeeded by
1227 Will. de Brickhulle, Sub-diaconus. Presented by Lord Reginald de Grey
1318 John de Stoke - presented by John de Grey, Knt.
1349 Almaricus de Shirland - presented by Roger de Grey. He exchanged it for Wymondham, Norfolk with
1350 Nicholas de Hulme - quited to
---- John Caldecote - he exchanged for Bokesworth, Cambridgeshire with
1351 William Lambeth - exchanged for Lambeth Rectory with
1358 Thomas de Eltesle - succeeded by
1362 Robert de Shetley - presented by Reginald de Grey, Lord de Wilton.On his death he was succeeded by
1364 William Heulett - presented by Reginald de Grey de Wilton
1396 William Styvecle, or Stewkley, LL.B. - presented by the King. He was also Rector of Glatton, Hunts and Canon of St. David's. He was born in Stukeley, Hunts.
1407 Thomas Leys - presented by the King
---- John Bernard - died Rector of Bletchley 1419
1419 William Eton - presented by Richard Lord de Wilton
---- Roger Eton - Rector in 1442. Succeeded on his death by
1477 David Hopton - presented by the King on the grant of Reginald de Grey, Lord of Wilton
1485 Richard May, LL.B. - presented by Sir Reginald de Grey, Knt. He died 1526
1526 William Webster, LL.B. - presented by Agnes Poulteney on a grant from Edmund Lord Grey of Wilton. He died 1545 and is buried in the chancel at Bletchley
1545 Robert Chetyll, A.B. (called Sir Robert Chadesle) - presented by William Lord Grey
1549 John Garnet
1558 William Priestwick, A.B. - occurs Rector in 1559 and was also Rector of Gothurst
1578 Thomas Sparke, B.D. - presented by Arthur Lord Gre,y succeeded by his son
1616 William Sparke, A.M. - he was the chaplain to the Duke of Buckingham. He waas forced to quit it, being in debt; and died Rector of Chenies, where he was buried 1641.
1641/2 Edward Tayler, A.M. - presented by the Earl of Bedford. He was buried in Bletchley in 1693
1693 Matthew Disney, A.M. - on the presentation of Edward Bate, Esq. in trust for this turn, by Thomas Willis, Esq. the patron. He died 1715 and is buried in Bletchley chancel.
1716 Edward Wells, S.T.P. - presented by Browne Willis, Esq.. He died 1727, and was buried at Cotesbach
1727 Martin Benson, A.M. - presented by Browne Willis, Esq.
1735 John Willis, A.B.
1741 William Welbourne - resigned to
1744 Elliot Willis - died 1752 and is buried at Bletchley
1753 William Cole, A.M. - presented by Browne Willis Esq. He resigned 1768
1768 Thomas Willis, A.M. - presented by Richard and William Lowndes Esqrs. (Mr. Willis's Trustees). At his death
1790 Edward Orlebar Smith, A.M. - presented by John Fleming, Esq. He was also Rector of Bradenham (which he vacated for this living) and Hulcot, with Salford, Bedfordshire. At his death he was succeeded by
1819 Richard Midgley, A.M. - presented by John Fleming, Esq. died 1832
1832 F. D. Broughton, A.M. - presented by John Fleming, Esq.

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