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Archdeacons of Sutton-cum-Buckingham

Anciently, the Church Prebendal of Buckingham has had a connection with the Church of King's Sutton, Northamptonshire (approximately one mile from Buckingham). In 1847 George Lipscomb in his "The History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham" listed the following Archdeacons of Sutton-cum-Buckingham:

---- Alured Parvus
1100 circa Gilbert, or Gislebert
1119 Roger de Clinton
1129 and 1140 Richard de Urville
1145 and 1170 David, brother of Bishop Alexander
1188 Robert de Burnham
1192 and 1195 Stephen
1212 circa William Bleys
1219 circa Matthew Stratton
1270 Percival de Lavinia
12-- Richard de St. Frideswide
1298 Boniface de Saluciis
1319 George de Saluciis
1323 Roger de Waltham
1333 Ambaldus Albanesis, a Cardinal
1350 John Belveys
1361 John Herring de Ashbourn
1361 William de Ginewell
1380 John Evot
1392 Ralph Selby, LL.D.
1401 Thomas Tuttebury
1402 William Milton, LL.D.
1424 Thomas Beckington
1444 Richard Andrews
1474 John Bouchier
1495 Robert Sherborne
1505 Charles Booth, LL.D.
1516 John Taylor, LL.D.
1534 Richard Layton, LL.D.
1544 John Longland, A.B.
1554 Richard Porter
1559 John Longland. A.B. restored
1589 Erasmus Webb, B.D.
1614 Richard Newell, B.D.
1643 Giles Thorne, S.T.B.
1684 John Hillersden, S.T.B.
1684 John Gery, LL.D.
1722 Nicholas Clagett, A.M.

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