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Topic accessed video is a prototyping system intended to allow authors to judge the educational effectiveness of various mixes of linear and non-linear video elements. The topic hierarchy used by the student to control the video can be made to correspond to the structure of printed study units. Video fragments lower in the topic hierarchy (modular movies) have a different, and usually more complex, 'voice-over' to make up for the loss of contextual information provided by the continuity editing in linear film.

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions:

TAV ScreenshotThis is part of a TAV structure designed in conjunction with the ACE centre. The aim of the project was to teach people how to give disabled switch users access to technology.
This still is from a TAV structure dealing with eye surgery.TAV Screenshot
TAV ScreenshotThis is part of a TAV structure about Schema theory. The interface has been customised to suit the context but the application works in exactly the same way.

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