Multimedia Enabling Technologies Group
All learners have individual needs - some have special needs
Meeting individual learning needs is still a major challenge in education. Many developments, including the use of information technology, continue to address this issue. For those with special educational needs arising from physical, sensory or learning disabilities, there are even more challenges.

NOTE: the METg has now been disbanded and superceded by CNM, the Centre for New Media. Our disability-related research is now carried out by the Accessibility in Education Media research group in IET.

Research Areas
  • virtual instrumentation in the laboratory.
  • alternative media for learning for print disabled students.
  • a virtual library for disabled learners.
  • multimedia information and advisory systems.
  • visualisation of simulations.
  • interactive access to video.
  • home multiplayers for distance education.
Latest Projects
People, Reports and other activities
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