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All learners have individual needs - some have special needs.

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Technical notes by Chris Valentine

Note: QuicktimeVR movies will not display correctly if you are using the (non-VR-compliant) "ViewMovie" Netscape plug-in.

The following movies were the first we made. They were taken using a Canon 28-80mm zoom, set to 28mm, on a Canon EOS 5. I used a Slik video tripod with another pan/tilt head mounted on top. The camera was mounted in the portrait position using two pieces of angle iron, which also helped to move the centre of the lens over the axis of rotation. I took 12 images per node on 36 exposure Kodak 100 ASA film and transferred to the Mac via Kodak Photo CD.

The next movies were taken using an Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera, with a Kaidan WideTake lens on a Kaidan QuickPan bracket. I took 16 high-resolution frames per node (the capacity of the camera) and used Adobe Photoshop to colour-correct the image before dicing. Files are approx.160k.

The following movies are partial nodes, taken from the top of the Geofrey Crowther building on a bright, sunny day. Hardware used was as above but the file size is larger (320k) because the stitched image wasn't shrunk.

Prototypes for Multimedia Teaching Materials

These projects use a combination of Director programming and QuickTime technologies.

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